Locking Parklands

The illustrative masterplan for Locking Parklands delivers :

  • Over 24ha of open space, almost a third of the site, including a central park, parkland ‘arboretum’, playing fields and wildlife corridors.
  • Around 32ha of residential land, plus mixed-use development in the High Street, providing up to 1,450 homes;
  • Up to 6.2ha of land for industry and offices, with space within the mixed-use High Street, providing over 2,200 jobs;
  • Over 5ha for the Leisure Dome, with almost 600 jobs;
  • A supermarket and high street shops and cafes, providing around 250 jobs;
  • A primary school, secondary school and range of community facilities;
  • Around 8ha of land for roads and infrastructure.

    Outline planning permission was granted in December 2013.